Delivered by Dr. Andy Storey

This short module examines the design of social science research and outlines some research methods commonly in use. The key objective of the course is to equip students with the tools necessary to plan and write their dissertations. A secondary objective is to help students understand and critically assess the methodologies used in work they are reading in fields such as politics, international relations, European governance and development studies.

The final research thesis is written under the supervision of an expert in the School of Politics and International Relations.Students also have the option to pursue the following course with Dr. Aidan Regan:

Research Design and Case Study Methods: This course introduces graduate students to the logic of research design and comparative case study methods. It provides an introduction to the variety of small N case study methods used in political and social scientific research. The aim of the course is to provide you with the necessary tools to identify the appropriate strategy for your research question; assess the options for empirical data collection; and make use of the relevant analytical techniques. It also aims to expand your knowledge of the ideas and assumptions underpinning the philosophy of the social science(s). Students will emerge better equipped to undertake comparative case study research that will produce valid descriptive and casual inferences about the political and social world.

In recognition that many students seek professional experience, you can also pursue an internship rather than a final research thesis. Graduate students, in consultation with the module coordinator, may arrange for part- or full-time jobs (paid or voluntary). The goal is to relate the student’s educational and academic experience to the professional needs of the employer with whom they are associated.


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